On a snowy day in mid January 2015, Merry Close braved poor weather and a drive to Mankato to take the Certified Factoring Account Executive (CFAE) test. To those who have worked with her, it should come as no surprise that Merry passed with flying colors. After being an account manager in the factoring industry for nearly 12 years, Merry is a true invoice factoring professional, understanding both client service and risk management. Her expertise in both freight bill factoring and general invoice factoring helped her make it through the test with ample time to spare.

The International Factoring Association says the CFAE designation “demonstrates to all that a Certified Factoring Account Executive possesses superior knowledge and experience.” I could think of no better way to describe Merry.

I want to congratulate Merry on obtaining her Certified Factoring Account Executive Designation. There are few factoring account managers who have gone through the effort to obtain this certification. Merry’s commitment to continuing to grow as an account manager, serve her clients, and manage risk make both Commonwealth and our clients better businesses. Congratulations, Merry!