Many people have worked in a wide variety of jobs throughout their life. Not too many people, though, have had as large of a career shift as quickly as the newest pitchers for the Minnesota Twins, Brandon Poulson.

The Star Tribune has the story of the truck driver turned professional baseball pitcher. The first paragraph of the article says it all:

In one of their craziest scouting experiences, the Minnesota Twins have reached a deal with a 24-year-old pitching prospect who has thrown 100 mile per hour fastballs but has never been drafted.

While Brandon wasn’t an over-the-road truck driver, Brandon no doubt knows the challenges that truckers face while driving down the road. He sounds like a great prospect and it’ll be interesting to see how he grows playing professional ball. Congratulations, Brandon. Brandon’s story reminds me of a similar situation with DuJuan Harris and the Green Bay Packers a few years ago.

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