Small Business Is Hard: Trucking Is No Different.

We provide fast, easy factoring for truckers.

Commonwealth Capital LLC serves clients and companies from varied industries – one of which is the industry of trucking. As with other industries and markets, running a small trucking operation can get hectic and heavy.

From maintaining your logbook to figuring out where your next load is, the last thing you want to think about is when you’ll get paid on your latest freight bill. Cash flow and revenue growth are important if you want your small trucking operation to grow.

Towards your goal are several challenges you’re going to have to overcome, the biggest of which occurs in the finance department. With this said, Commonwealth Capital LLC offers freight factoring for our clients in the trucking industry.

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We Know How Trucking Works.

We’ve been in the industry for several years already and we’ve gained extensive experience to help our clients succeed. We stay up-to-date on the latest issues in the trucking industry and freight factoring landscape. Our goal is to help you run a stronger trucking operation.

We ensure timely funding, appropriate credit limits, and proactive payment processes. We ensure you and your company can get back on the road quicker, back home sooner and set your goals higher.

We take pride in our factoring services for truckers. Our team has saved factoring clients many times their factoring fees in lost revenue by working hard to ensure the brokers you haul for can pay for the freight.

We provide:

  • Flatbed factoring
  • Dry van factoring
  • Step deck / drop deck factoring
  • Reefer factoring

Let Commonwealth Capital handle your factoring needs so you can keep your focus on the road ahead. Contact us today to talk about factoring your invoices.

Here’s How Trucking Factoring Will Help:

Get Funds Immediately

Trucking factoring will help you have the cash immediately after hauling a load. By factoring your freight bills, you’re going to have a smoother transaction and you’re going to get the funds immediately, which you can instantly use to pay for insurance, payroll, lease payments, equipment loans, repairs and maintenance, and to fill your truck with fuel.

Eliminate Costly Fuel Advances

Do you remember the time when the brokerage said the advance fee was only 5%? Did anybody mention that was going to be 5% on the entire load value rather than the amount advance? Remember your shock and surprise when that $300.00 advance cost $150.00 because it was a
$3,000.00 invoice?

Decide Which Loads to Haul

Decide which loads are worth hauling and which are not. Think of it this way: You make $100 profit for every $1,000 in sales. If you haul a load for $1,000 and never get paid for it, you will have to haul nine loads to make back the $900 you lost. Helping our clients decide which loads to haul and which to pass on is where we really provide value.