Small Business Is Hard: Staffing Is No Different.

Fast, easy payroll funding for staffing agencies.

Running a staffing agency requires your full attention. Payroll funding from Commonwealth Capital, LLC allows you to keep your eyes focused on growing your staffing firm.

At Commonwealth Capital, we know that funding your staffing agency as quickly as possible is key to your success. So we deliver with our promise of Simple, Straightforward Accounts Receivable Funding™. We work with staffing companies in the United States, with a concentration in Minnesota. 

With payroll funding for your staffing company from Commonwealth Capital, you’ll have:

  • instant access to up to 95% of your funds, 
  • support on your invoices through payment processing and collections,
  • an experienced team of payroll funding professionals, and
  • the option to receive same-day funding.
  • We would love to talk!

Passionate About Your Business

Our team has over 50+ years providing funding and invoice factoring. Through that time we’ve built extensive experience in helping clients succeed. Our goal is to work with you to run a stronger staffing business.

We ensure timely funding, appropriate credit limits for your customers, and a positive, proactive approach to receiving payment on your invoices. We love seeing our clients grow and would be honored to be a part of your growth.

We take pride in our payroll funding services for staffing companies. Our team has saved our clients our fee many times over by avoiding bad paying customers.

We provide:

  • Temporary staffing funding
  • Medical staffing funding
  • Nurse staffing funding
  • Industrial staffing funding
  • Office / clerical staffing funding

Let Commonwealth Capital handle your funding needs so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us today to talk about your payroll funding needs.

Here’s How Payroll Funding Will Help:

Get Funds Immediately

Payroll funding provides you with cash as soon as you can bill for the time.

By funding your staffing company’s payroll, you’ll have an easier payday every time.

Eliminate Late Tax Payments

Struggling to keep up with cash flow as you need to pay your employees and taxes?

With our reliable funding, you won’t have to struggle to meet your tax payments anymore.

Decide Who To Work For

Every business has had customers who don’t pay. That can really hurt your business.

We work with you find the right mix of clients to minimize your risk of not getting paid.