It’s not easy being a trucker. The demands of living and working on the road are physically demanding. So it’s easy to think that when you’re home you deserve a little R&R. But R&R will be the last thing that you’ll get if you’re locked up in the county workhouse. And that’s exactly what happened to an Orono, Minnesota trucker.

According to the Star Tribune, James Barth an over-the-road truck driver from Orono, Minnesota was jailed for the contents of his yard. While it’s normal to have some extra debris, James had a pretty long list. So much stuff that it more closely matches some of the old farms I’ve seen in rural Minnesota. What was so bad that it wound James in jail?

  • lumber
  • scrap metals
  • ladders
  • tires
  • rims
  • metal shelving
  • garbage bags
  • 5-gallon buckets
  • tarps
  • furniture
  • utility trailers
  • miscellaneous construction debris and junk
  • a Ford L800 Diesel truck
  • a wooden gate
  • an appliance
  • a battery
  • a carpet remnant.

Looking at that, it’s a list that would have made my grandpa, who owned a garbage company in Bloomington, Minnesota, proud. My grandpa was a collector of stuff – anything he thought someone could get some use out of.

It also didn’t help that James lives awfully close to prestigious Lake Minnetonka. I’d bet some neighbors complained to the city about what they saw.

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