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Food Processing Company finds Simple, Straightforward Invoice Factoring with Commonwealth Capital

One of our newest relationships is with a growing food processing company. The Company has been providing independent shops and diners for years, but always sold on cash-on-delivery terms. The Company was in a period of rapid growth and pursuing additional sales channels. Through those efforts, the Company was provided with the opportunity to start […]

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Food Processing Business Funds Growth Through Invoice Factoring

Commonwealth Capital today announced it has provided a $700,000 invoice factoring facility to a Food Processing Company in the Upper Midwest. Commonwealth was referred to the Company by a community bank, which is providing the Company with a large line of credit and cash management services.

The Company is currently in high-growth mode and was in […]

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Wholesale Food Processor Stays Running on High

$350,000 Invoice Factoring Facility Provides Working Capital to Meet the Company’s Cash Needs.
A successful, mature wholesale food processor suffered losses when the price of commodities skyrocketed more than 100%. The Company provides private-label packaged foods to small, local stores, retail outlets, and wholesalers. They didn’t have the ability to pass along the increased costs to […]

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