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Temporary Staffing Agency Finds Financing By Factoring Invoices

Commonwealth Capital, LLC is pleased to announce it has been selected to provide invoice factoring to a new Temporary Staffing Agency in Minnesota. While the Company is new, the management has many years of experience in managing staffing firms.
Why The Temporary Staffing Agency Wanted To Factor Its Invoices
As the Company has grown and added new […]

By |February 10th, 2014|Deal|

Invoice Factoring Provides Working Capital to Minnesota Technology Startup

Commonwealth Capital, a Minnesota-based provider of invoice factoring, today announced it has provided a $80,000 factoring facility to a growing provider of information technology. The Company, based in Minneapolis, serves large corporations, as well as government entities. The working capital generated from factoring will allow the company to stay current with its vendors and payroll […]

By |December 5th, 2013|Deal|

Our Bakery Client Is In The News!

One of our clients was recently featured in an article in the Star Tribune about local bakeries. The article neglected to mention that this bakery has been able to get their business funded by factoring their commercial receivables. We were there to fund their first commercial invoices when they had been turned down by banks, […]

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Oy Vey! How Moshe Weiss Could Have Avoided Selling 40% of His Business.

I previously wrote about alternative options that entrepreneurs can use to fund their business instead of selling equity. Today I’d like to look at a specific example from the Shark Tank that could have allowed a business owner to keep 40% of his business.

My favorite example of this is St. Paul native Rabbi Moshe Weiss […]

By |October 3rd, 2013|Blog|

Danger: Sharks Ahead! Ways To Avoid Selling A Part Of Your Business.

Is selling equity the best way to fund your business?
I love watching ABC’s Shark Tank and I am really excited to watch Season 5, which starts this Friday. Seeing the creative solutions that people dream up to mundane problems is really fun and exciting.

But the excitement about the product or service pales in comparison to […]

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Small Business Week: Tips for Getting Started, HR, and Healthcare

There are many aspects of business that small business owners don’t like to deal with. Here are a few resources to make those areas less painful.

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Small Business Week 2013: Resources to Research Your Competition

Who are your competitors? How do you stack up against them? Here are some ways to research your competition and know how to beat them. […]

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