We are so excited that this week is National Small Business Week 2014. The Small Business Administration has been celebrating the achievements of small businesses one week per year since 1963. We are crazy about small businesses and what they do for our economy. It’s great to take a week to celebrate to recognize our friends, family, and neighbors that own small businesses. Those business owners keep working to build a better America, creating jobs, teaching people skills, and helping families flourish.

This year the SBA is again holding events in person and online. The one event that looks most interesting is “Practical Marketing – A Five-Step Marketing Program for Small Biz”. The other day I saw a quote from Peter Drucker while reading something online:

“The purpose of marketing is to make sales unnecessary.”

That quote why I ’m so interested in this marketing webinar. Marketing is such a crucial, yet often overlooked component for small businesses. Hopefully you can attend. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out some of our posts celebrating Small Business Week from last year: