A week to celebrate small businesses that make our communities stronger.

We are so excited that it is National Small Business Week. This year marks the 50th anniversary of National Small Business Week and the 60th birthday of the Small Business Administration (SBA).

At Commonwealth Capital, all of our clients are small businesses. In fact, we started this business because we have a passion for helping small businesses succeed, and having working capital to grow your business is a key component to success.

As a family business, entrepreneurship is in our blood. We know the long days, nights, and weekends you go through building up your business. We know that you’re wearing at least 10 different hats at any one time. And we know that closing a big sale often means treating yourself to a shake from McDonald’s or Sonic. Oh, we’re also excited about it because we’re a small business, too.

We are really excited about the events happening both locally and nationally. This year the SBA is doing some really cool things, such as having a daily Google+ hangout on a variety of small business topics. You can find more info on the SBA’s National Small Business Week site.

We also have a week of great content ahead and we hope you enjoy it.

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