I was doing some projects around my house on Saturday and needed some scrap newspaper. I went and grabbed the morning paper and started to pull out the “Off Duty” section, which I never read. As I was getting ready to put the paper down to get covered in cement, I noticed the Weisman Art Museum. I thought it was a little odd, and then noticed that in the picture next it was some people riding bikes down the Stone Arch Bridge. Then it hit me:

This is an article about Minneapolis!

Yes, much to my surprise, the Wall Street Journal has a nice writeup of the hot spots around the great city of Minneapolis, Minnesota (not to be confused with Minneapolis, Kansas). While St. Paul was totally left out of the equation, the article provides a much better guide than the recent Reuters article everyone was complaining about.

On the list of spots to check out on a long weekend in Minneapolis are some places that are uniquely Minnesotan, including:

I was a little sad to see that a few of my favorite spots didn’t make it the list. If I were to have written there article, it would have included:

What I really liked about the article was that it was a reminder of how many fun, unique spots we have around town to eat, relax, and enjoy the summer.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer.