“Don’t Just Say No,”

ASM_print_small“Don’t Just Say No,” our article about how alternative finance companies can help banks, was featured in the July/August 2013 edition of the Minnesota Bankers Association News.

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Are you losing new business because potential clients don’t meet your lending criteria? Would you have liked to start working with them through a deposit relationship?

What about customers who need more working capital, but their current financial condition doesn’t merit more exposure for the bank or credit union?

What happens when a customer comes up for renewal but has hit a bump in the road and now has losses, tax liens or negative equity? Do you need a temporary home for your customer?

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Accelerate your clients’ cash flow

Commonwealth Capital can help in all these situations by factoring their commercial accounts receivable. We’re Minnesota-based and know how business is done here. We use our own capital, which allows us to work in situations where our competitors can’t or won’t. We will work with you to carve out collateral so your position is still secure and help your customer receive the capital they need in the interim.

Working with Commonwealth Capital means your customer won’t have to give up their equity. With us, your customer will have access to:

  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Working capital that increases with sales instead of equity
  • Ability to use the cash to receive vendor discounts and/or buy in bulk
  • Professional management of their receivables

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