where do you turn?

When your client is having trouble securing the capital to meet their business needs, where do you turn?

Do you have clients who are in a cash crunch because of their tax bill?

At Commonwealth Capital, we can help your customer by providing the accounts receivable funding they need to operate and grow. By using their business-to-business accounts receivable, we’re able to work with people who are in situations that often cause them to be turned down for traditional financing.

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Accelerate your clients’ cash flow

We both accelerate your clients’ cash flow and provide them with detailed reporting on their receivables, allowing them to better manage their cash. Working with Commonwealth Capital means your customer won’t have to give up their equity. With us, your customer will have access to:

  • Working capital that increases with sales instead of equity
  • Ability to use the cash to receive vendor discounts and/or buy in bulk
  • Professional management of their receivables

We’re a Minnesota-based company and we understand how business works in the Midwest. We use our own capital, which allows us to work in situations where our competitors can’t or won’t. We will fund your customer while you help them build a solid financial footing.

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