Increase your trucking company’s profitability with our fuel card.

Did you know that trucking companies can increase their profits by 30% or more, just by using a fuel discount card.

Here’s the math:

The average truck purchases 1,200 gallons of fuel per month. Let’s assume they save an average of $0.14 per gallon. That’s an average of $168 saved per month on fuel.

Assume that a semi-truck, say a dry van, averages $10,000 revenue per month in revenue. The industry average profit margin for a trucking company is 4.8%, which results in a monthly profit of $480. If we can increase that profit by $168 just by using a fuel card, profits have increase 35%!

Accepted at more than 14,000 truck stops nationwide, our EFS fuel card makes it easy to manage your money from the road. Our fast funding means that you’ll never have to wait hours on wire transfers, or days for ACH deposits. Fuel up whenever you need to, and deliver your load on time—with secure control over your fuel, cash, and non-fuel purchases.

Our current fuel discounts are:

  • TA/Petro ($0.14 – Retail Minus),
  • Loves ($0.055 – Retail Minus),
  • Sapp Bros (Cost-Plus Discount),
  • AMBEST (Cost-Plus Discount),
  • QuickFuel (Cost-Plus Discount),
  • Speedway (Cost-Plus Discount),
  • Circle K/Kangaroo (Cost-Plus Discount),
  • Kwik Trip (Cost-Plus Discount), and
  • Petroleum Wholesale (Cost-Plus Discount)

    Commonwealth Capital’s Carrier Fuel Card Program includes


    for transfers, transactions, and drafts

    Payment Coverage

    for over-the-road expenses like lumbers, scale tickets, and tolls


    on fuel, accommodations, Class VIII repair, and more

    and Tools

    to help your business grow, and for reporting, audits, and taxes

    Account Access

    via mobile app from smartphones or tablets


    The app that makes it easy to run your business when you’re on the road

    It’s not always easy or convenient to log onto a computer when you’re on the road. This exclusive app makes it a breeze to stay up-to-date on important details, and get the information you need, right from the palm of your hand.

    The EFS Mobile Driver Source App gives – active EFS card holders:

    • Information on real-time card balances, cash load, and other reports
    • The quickest routes to fuel locations
    • 24/7 access to your account, from wherever you happen to be

    Get the card. Get the App.